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We are a web design and digital marketing agency based in India and Reading. We go above and beyond to deliver affordable yet quality products paired with measurable marketing results. Work with us to enhance your brand credibility on the web. Loop fusion software private limited is a software development company and best web design company in world and best web design and development company in India to Provide Industrial/Summer Training in Bareilly, Noida.

Crafting Android Application Development Experiences to Delight your Customers

A custom Android app can do wonders for your brand, whether you’re using it for employee productivity, as a social engagement mechanism, or as a way to facilitate things like loyalty or rewards programs. [Loop Fusion Software Company] is extremely experienced in building a wide array of social apps, productivity apps, games, and ecommerce apps for brands around the world. Our focus on effective design, cutting-edge technology, and cost-effectiveness throughout our development process makes us a great choice for brands looking to leverage mobile technology.

Social Media App
E-Commerce App
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Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.

IOS is the biggest AR platform in the world, and now you can create even more incredible experiences with ARKit 2. Multiple users can use their iOS device to simultaneously view AR experiences or play multiplayer games, as bystanders spectate. AR experiences can be saved and resumed at a later time in the same state. And you can incorporate real-world objects into your AR experiences, giving your users greater immersive opportunities..

Social Media App
E-Commerce App
Education App
Crafting Offline Application Development Experiences to Delight your Customers

Our expert team of software professionals successfully provide a mature and quality project management. Our team also emphasize on the other important elements for an exclusive design of custom software application. Vowelweb is highly equipped and possess high knowledge in order to build an efficient state of the art software application. We built the software applications using the programming languages and tools that best suits each project’s need with application development services. Our expertise lies in Online and Offline Software Development that is highly proficient and flawless technically. All our services and solutions to software applications ensures positively that user’s convenience get relevant attention and all our applications are highly user-friendly.

Windows Application
Offline Data Store Applications
Offine Education Software
Just because nobody complains doesn’t mean all parachutes are perfect.

Any respected web design agency has a responsibility to provide businesses with fresh and creative content, fluid UX's, and online experiences that generate value and that target markets will love. We focus on results, and so making a website look beautiful on the outside is only half the battle won.

Content Management Systems
It’s much easier to generate revenue by increasing your conversion rate, than by increasing your traffic.

A good SEO practice extends beyond high rankings and increased traffic. Our SEO service integrates conversion optimisation and user experience improvements such that your visitors are not just considered another number in your Google Analytics reports. We align our services with your objectives to achieve measurable success.


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Social media is nothing but a buzzword... until you come up with a plan.

With over a billion people on the planet regularly using social media services, the chances are high that your next connection will be amongst them. Use the social media channel intelligently to reach your audience at the right time, and watch as unknowns turn into paying customers.

Social Media Strategy
Social Advertising
Conversion Optimisation
Online advertising doesn’t have to be a wild west.

With such an array of digital marketing channels to choose from it can be difficult to ascertain which will deliver the best results. We partner with you - combining our marketing knowledge with your industry expertise, to create a relationship built with the foundations to succeed.

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Latest Projects

web design and digital marketing case study

Pnn Live

This app Provides news contents with links to their backend database.

software development case study

MLM Projects

An interesting requirement to build an MRP/CRM system from the ground up, quite an exciting and challenging undertaking.

software development case study

Gst Calculator

This Group required consultancy on a large highly available software development undertaking, to be hosted on the Android platform.

web design and digital marketing case study


A recent web site redevelopment for one of the leading wedding and events companies in Reading, India.

Application development

software development - enterprise class apps

It isnt just about designing lovely looking websites and Android Applications, we also build enterprise class business apps

  • Full requirements analysis
  • Architectural design and planning
  • Agile methodology
  • Release management

LoopFusion were very easy to work with, understood our requirements, and delivered beyond our expectations.

Noida up,India

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