alt text Our PHP programming course provides the complete knowledge to design and develop dynamic, database driven web pages. We provide the training for those students and professionals who want to switch their career as a PHP developer. Overview PHP originally stood for Personal Home Page. It is a server side scripting language which is used to creating dynamic webpage. PHP is open source, which means you do not have to pay for its licensing and hosting. No wonder that the number of websites using PHP development has increased exponentially over the past few years.

Why we are different?

Main benefits you are getting from our Company-

* Life time validity (if you face any type of problem in any training module, you can continue that module)
* Good job assistance
* You will get an opportunity to work on real time projects
* Interaction with Industry Experts
* Small Batches to focus on each student
* We mainly focus on practical classes rather than theoretical classrooms.
* You will get a chance to involve in live project.
* Flexible hours available (if you have any problem in timing, you can get daytime, weekends and evening batches)
* We provide Training letter on Training completion.


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PHP Syllabus

Core PHP

Introduction to PHP

✓ Evaluation of Php
✓ Basic Syntax
✓ Defining variable and constant
✓ Php Data type
✓ Operator and Expression

Handling Html Form With Php

✓ Capturing Form Data
✓ Dealing with Multi-value filed
✓ Generating File uploaded form
✓ Redirecting a form after submission

Decisions and loop

✓ Making Decisions
✓ Doing Repetitive task with looping
✓ Mixing Decisions and looping with Html


✓ What is a function
✓ Define a function
✓ Call by value and Call by reference
✓ Recursive function


✓ Creating and accessing String
✓ Searching & Replacing String
✓ Formatting String
✓ String Related Library function


✓ Anatomy of an Array
✓ Creating index based and Associative array
✓ Accessing array Element
✓ Looping with Index based array
✓ Looping with associative array using each() and foreach()
✓ Some useful Library function

Working with file and Directories

✓ Understanding file& directory
✓ Opening and closing a file
✓ Coping ,renaming and deleting a file
✓ Working with directories
✓ Building a text editor
✓ File Uploading & Downloading

Mini Project (With file Handling)

State management

✓ Using query string(URL rewriting)
✓ Using Hidden field
✓ Using cookies
✓ Using session

String matching with regular expression

✓ What is regular expression
✓ Pattern matching in Php
✓ Replacing text
✓ Splitting a string with a Regular Expression

Generating Images with PHP

✓ Basics of computer Graphics
✓ Creating Image
✓ Manipulating Image
✓ Using text in Image

Database Connectivity with MySql

✓ Introduction to RDBMS
✓ Connection with MySql Database
✓ Performing basic database operation(DML) (Insert, Delete, Update, Select)
✓ Setting query parameter
✓ Executing query
✓ Join (Cross joins, Inner joins, Outer Joins, Self joins.)

Mini Project

Web Designing


✓ Introduction to HTML
✓ HTML Tags
✓ Creating Forms
✓ Creating tables
✓ Managing home page


✓ Introduction to CSS
✓ Three ways to use CSS
✓ CSS Properties
✓ Designing website
✓ Working with Templates

Java Script

✓ Introduction to Javascript
✓ Three ways to use Javascript
✓ Working with events
✓ Client-side Validation


✓ Introduction to JQuery
✓ Validation using JQuery
✓ JQuery Forms
✓ JQuery Examples


✓ Introduction to AJAX
✓ PHP with AJAX
✓ Working with database

Mini Project

Advance PHP

Introduction to OOPS

✓ Introduction
✓ Objects
✓ Declaring a class
✓ The new keyword and constructor
✓ Destructor
✓ Access method and properties using $this variable
✓ Public ,private, protected properties and methods
✓ Static properties and method
✓ Class constant
✓ Inheritance & code reusability
✓ Polymorphism
✓ Parent:: & self:: keyword
✓ Instanceof operator
✓ Abstract method and class
✓ Interface
✓ Final

Exception Handling

✓ Understanding Exception and error
✓ Try, catch, throw

Framework- Cake PHP

Introduction to CakePHP

✓ Understanding the MVC Pattern Models
✓ How MVC works?
✓ Congfiguration CakePHP
✓ Setting up CakePHP with apache Enviornment eg. Enable mod_rewrite
✓ Configuration CakePHP to work with database
✓ Running Cake for the first time
✓ Cake Convention: Naming convention for MVC and database tables

Models: Creating up model for a database table

✓ Fetching data
✓ Saving and updating data
✓ Deleting data
✓ User defined function in model
✓ Data Validation

Controller: Creating controller

✓ Controller function
✓ Interacting with model
✓ Interacting with views
✓ Controller variables and parameters
✓ Redirection
✓ Getting post data

Views: Creating Views

✓ Working with configuration layout
✓ Creating custom layout
✓ Element and helpers

Cake session:

✓ Storing data in cake session
✓ Reading a session data
✓ Delete data from session

CMS- Wordpress

WordPress Introduction

✓ Understanding and Using domain names
✓ WordPress Hosting Options
✓ Installing WordPress on a Dedicated Server
✓ Understanding Directory Permissions

Basics of the WordPress User Interface

✓ Understanding the WordPress Dashboard
✓ Pages, Tags, Media and Content Administration
✓ Core WordPress Settings

Finding and Using WordPress Plugins

✓ Finding and Installing Plugins Quickly and Easily
✓ Upgrading WordPress Plugins
✓ Recommended WordPress Plugins

Working with WordPress Themes

✓ Understanding the Structure of WordPress Themes
✓ Finding Themes and Choosing the Right One
✓ Installing and Configuring Themes
✓ Editing and Customizing Themes
✓ Using Theme Frameworks and Parent-Child Themes
✓ Theme Best Practices

WordPress Content Management

✓ Understanding Posts Versus Pages
✓ Organizing Posts with Categories
✓ Connecting Posts Together with Tags
✓ Custom Post Types and Custom Taxonomies
✓ Managing Lists of Links

Creating and Managing Content

✓ Hands-On Training on the WordPress Editors
✓ Hands-On Training on the New Image Editor

All Frameworks and CMS


✓ CodeIgniter
✓ CakePHP


✓ WordPress
✓ Joomla!
✓ Drupal
✓ Magento (E-commerce )

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