alt text Python is a high level language, which is widely used for general purpose programming as it integrates with your systems more effectively. It runs on all the operating systems like Windows, Linux/Unix, and Mac OS etc. It has also been ported to the .NET and Java virtual machines. As it has an open source license, it is free to use even for commercial products. With the use of Python, programmers can program a particular function in lesser lines of codes as compared to other programming languages. Also, it enhances the readability of the code. It helps to programs both large scale and small scale programs easily and compactly. Python supports different programming paradigms like object oriented, functional, procedural and imperative styles. It boasts of an automatic memory management and dynamic type of system. Its vast and comprehensive library lets programmers to develop any program easily. It is widely used as a scripting language but can also be used in large non scripting programs.

Why should you join python training?

Python is an extremely popular language nowadays. Thus, to survive in this corporate world, it is important to keep oneself updated with new languages which widely aid in high level programming. It is very easy for expert programmers to pick up Python. Also, fresh programmers can easily learn python as it is:

Easy to learn
Code is simple to write and read
Modular code, thus easy to understand.

Starting salary of a Python developer is around 70k and plus. It is in fact a top growing skill in the past 3 months. Thus, learn Python from a highly reputed institute where instructors have hands experience on it. Instructors at Loop Fusion Software PVT LTD pay more stress on the individual needs of a student. They understand that the grasping skill of every student is different and doesn´t hurry up in any case. Pythons widespread libraries and modules makes it easy for programmers to develop any large scale or small scale programs .It has eliminated the use of braces ad semi colons in programming, thus aids in faster debugging of programs. Thus, go ahead and register with us for a demo class on Python and increase the probability of earning big.

Why we are different?

Main benefits you are getting from our Company-

* Life time validity (if you face any type of problem in any training module, you can continue that module)
* Good job assistance
* You will get an opportunity to work on real time projects
* Interaction with Industry Experts
* Small Batches to focus on each student
* We mainly focus on practical classes rather than theoretical classrooms.
* You will get a chance to involve in live project.
* Flexible hours available (if you have any problem in timing, you can get daytime, weekends and evening batches)
* We provide Training letter on Training completion.


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Python Syllabus

Core Python


✓ History
✓ Features
✓ Setting up path
✓ Working with Python
✓ Basic Syntax
✓ Variable and Data Types
✓ Operator

Conditional Statements

✓ If
✓ If- else
✓ Nested if-else


✓ For
✓ While
✓ Nested loops

Control Statements

✓ Break
✓ Continue
✓ Pass

String Manipulation

✓ Accessing Strings
✓ Basic Operations
✓ String slices
✓ Function and Methods


✓ Introduction
✓ Accessing list
✓ Operations
✓ Working with lists
✓ Function and Methods


✓ Introduction
✓ Accessing tuples
✓ Operations
✓ Working
✓ Functions and Methods


✓ Introduction
✓ Accessing values in dictionaries
✓ Working with dictionaries
✓ Properties
✓ Functions


✓ Defining a function
✓ Calling a function
✓ Types of functions
✓ Function Arguments
✓ Anonymous functions
✓ Global and local variables


✓ Importing module
✓ Math module
✓ Random module
✓ Packages
✓ Composition


✓ Printing on screen
✓ Reading data from keyboard
✓ Opening and closing file
✓ Reading and writing files
✓ Functions

Exception Handling

✓ Exception
✓ Exception Handling
✓ Except clause
✓ Try ? finally clause
✓ User Defined Exceptions

Advance Python

OOPs concept

✓ Class and object
✓ Attributes
✓ Inheritance
✓ Overloading
✓ Overriding
✓ Data hiding

Regular expressions

✓ Match function
✓ Search function
✓ Matching VS Searching
✓ Modifiers
✓ Patterns


✓ Introduction
✓ Architecture
✓ CGI environment variable
✓ GET and POST methods
✓ Cookies
✓ File upload


✓ Introduction
✓ Connections
✓ Executing queries
✓ Transactions
✓ Handling error


✓ Socket
✓ Socket Module
✓ Methods
✓ Client and server
✓ Internet modules


✓ Thread
✓ Starting a thread
✓ Threading module
✓ Synchronizing threads
✓ Multithreaded Priority Queue

GUI Programming

✓ Introduction
✓ Tkinter programming
✓ Tkinter widgets

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